Eating chocolate should be a treat

We at Little Zebra Chocolates love seeing people's smiles when they bite into our chocolates.  This is our measure, an instant "feedback" that we are on the right path to create that special taste sensation.

At our factory all of us are "hands on" with manufacturing our variety of flavours, as most production stages are still handled by human hands. We make small chocolate batches and frequently so we can assure you that with our bars are always getting the freshest flavours at an optimum quality for consumption.

In our production we use carefully selected ingredients and of only quality sources.

We are devoted to making quality chocolates free of common allergens,  after all we feed our families and friends with the same chocolate that you buy.

Of course we all know how tempting it is to eat that extra piece still in the wrap, however we advise you to consume our chocolate responsibly. We feel that sharing chocolates will bond friendships. Do it often.

Dear Chocolate lovers, we thank you for supporting Little Zebra Chocolates with your purchase and we wish you big "chocolate smiles".

 - Little Zebra Team -