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Added sugar may be the single most unhealthy aspect of the modern diet.  For this reason, people have looked towards alternatives like Xylitol.  Xylitol looks and tastes like sugar, but has fewer calories and doesn’t raise blood sugar levels . It is extracted from natural cellulose materials such as birch trees, raspberry bushes, corn cobs, etc. which is then processed into Xylitol . Many studies suggest that it can improve dental health and have various other important benefits too . One of the adverse effects of added sugar (and high fructose corn syrup), is that it can spike blood sugar and insulin levels . Well, Xylitol contains zero fructose and has negligible effects on blood sugar and insulin. Therefore, none of the harmful effects of sugar apply to Xylitol . It can also be considered a  weight loss friendly sweetener since it contains 40% fewer calories than sugar . For people with insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, diabetes, obesity or other metabolic problems, Xylitol is an excellent alternative to sugar.
(extracts sourced from articles around the world)

We are proud to confirm that our factory is completely FREE of Dairy, Gluten, Nuts, Soy and Palm Oil.

Approximately 65 percent of the  world's population  has a reduced ability to digest lactose, according to NIH Genetics Home Reference. Lactose intolerance is an impaired ability to digest lactose, a sugar found in mammal milk. Coconut milk does not have lactose, so products like Unsweetened Coconut Milk have become a popular substitute for dairy milk for people who have an intolerance or milk allergies. Our plant "milk" is derived from Australian grown coconuts.

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