The Cost of Chocolate Worldwide


We have some news to share with you 

The time has come where we are forced to increase our prices. 

Since we started our business in 2017 we have absorbed every price increase, even when the ingredients and materials had increased: 

  • In our move to home compostable inner wrappers in our chocolate bars, we absorbed that large increase.

  • In the past few years, the cost of the ingredients increased and we have also absorbed those increases

However, now we have been hit with a huge price increase for the cost of the cacao and cacao butter where it has more than doubled and we are therefore forced to pass on this increase to our customers  

You may have heard of the drought in West Africa, and the loss of between 20% and 40 % of the cacao trees in the region. That has affected the global cacao prices and there is a prediction in the market that these prices may last for approximately the next 3 to 5 years to enable the cacao farms to recover. 

We have been asked “why don’t you swap to palm oil instead of using real cacao butter in your products”. Well, we stand by our principles of only using high quality sustainable ingredients and we will not use palm oil. When we handcraft our chocolate and carob products using these high-quality ingredients it results in you getting our high-quality product, which is also sugar free and allergen free.  

We hope that the above provides some insight into the price increase which is the first increase since we started our business years ago.